Friday, 26 June 2015

Whoa! These sex workers from India are doing something incredible!

Did you know there is a school in Sangli, Maharashtra which is run for the prostitutes and by the prostitutes? The incredible and the only such school in India is run by Madam Bandaval even after being ridiculed.

Well, prostitution is the oldest profession in India, and most of the sex workers get into this dirty business simply to survive and earn for themselves and their family. Madam Bandaval, who is working towards the empowerment of these women, is the only madam to have started such a school in a red light area in India.

Dusshera Chowk is a famous red light area in Sangli with about 200 commercial sex workers and 30-40 children. Madam Bandaval helps them with basics – reading, writing and Maths. According to her, this basic education will help them with money management for better optimized savings.

Vivid Films India uploaded a video on YouTube, titled, ‘Madam’s School for Sex Workers’ was a finalist in the Professional Category of The Good Story Competition, Conducted by Singaporean NGO, Our Better World.

Watch the video:

Hats off to you, Madam Bandaval! We salute you!

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