Thursday, 25 June 2015

International Yoga Day: Is Yoga the Reason these Bollywood Actresses are so Hot!

It’s not just our Prime Minister who’s vouching for Yoga, our Bollywood ladies have been practicing this ancient Indian form of workout since years and loving it. Most of them also promote it and list Yoga on top of their fitness secrets, and even encourage their friends and fans to switch to it for better health.
Check out a few of our Bollywood actresses in their favourite yoga postures and see if it inspires you too!

One can’t begin talking about Yoga sans the mention of Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who released her own Yoga DVD a few years ago, and swears by this workout of hers. Guess it was this that helped her shed off her post-pregnancy kilos so soon. (While Mrs B struggled with her pounds for very very long time)

 Next up is Kareena Kapoor, who almost shocked the nation with her size zero figure in the movie Tashan. Her super toned abs in the ‘Chhaliya’ number made her a headline maker for months. The actress, however, attributed her weight loss to her diet and a rigorous yoga session everyday. Her yoga instructor Payal Gidwani (a known name in the film industry) even wrote a book named ‘From XL to XS’ and laid down Bebo’s and many actresses’ daily yoga asanas in it.

After getting all lean and toned, Bebo even urged her spouse Saif to take to Yoga. Saif, who’d been an ardent gym junkie (like most Bollywood actors) all these years, also recently began practicing yoga and attributes his glowing skin to this ancient Indian workout.

The Rockstar girl Nargis Fakhri is 35 years old, but looks 25, thanks to her Yoga routine. Recently, the actress was seen showing some yoga asanas at a fitness event.

Sunny Leone too swears by Yoga and apparently, practices it along with her husband Daniel Weber, who’s also her manager.

Sonam Kapoor is said to have shed all her extra kilos via Bikran Yoga to get all lean and toned for her Bollywood debut. For the uninitiated, Sonam weighed around 120 kgs once upon a time.

Lara Dutta too has been promoting yoga past couple of years. The actress is said to have practiced it during her pregnancy too.

Talking of mothers, how can we not mention one of the yummiest mummy of Bollywood – Malaika Arora Khan. Needless to say, yoga keeps those years off your face! Malaika, by the way, is 41 years old!

Ameesha Patel might be facing troubles climbing up the ladder in her career. But as far as her looks are concerned, she is fabulously fit and ever glowing – perhaps yoga is one of her secrets.
Aha! Baba Ramdev perhaps hit it off well with his famous adage – Yoga Se Hoga!

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